Five years ago yesterday, NJ Governor James McGreevey resigned, saying he was "a gay American" and admitting an affair with male aide (though many believe he stepped down due to a corruption scandal that ensnared his top contributors). Yesterday, the Star-Ledger published an interview with McGreevey—he said, "I'm grateful for my brokenness. I'm grateful for my humility." He is now a student at the General Theological Seminary, on track to get his Masters of Divinity next year (though he's not sure if he'll become a priest) and also volunteers at a Harlem storefront, helping with a prisoner re-entry program. McGreevey lives in NJ with his partner Mark O'Donnell and said they hadn't entered a civil union, "Civil union is less than marriage. Marriage is a sacred and valued institution and ought to be afforded equal protection. We've committed to each other and I believe our relationship is blessed and for now that works." And when asked what the opening line of his obituary should be, he said, "'Jim McGreevey, a joyful flawed Christian, died yesterday.' That would be the most accurate. And maybe the most meaningful."