2006_06_garzon.jpgProving that murder cases never go cold, the police arrested a man suspected of killing a Queens man in 2001. Edgar Garzon (pictured), a gay set designer, had been attacked and beaten after leaving a Jackson Heights bar, and his death worried the gay community. However, his death was overshadowed by the September 11 attacks. Somehow, in the years since, the police found a suspect who had moved to London after the killing. The NY Times explains how the police worked with British authorities to arrest John L. McGhee:

When Mr. McGhee applied for citizenship there — and lied on his application by not revealing his criminal history — there was an opportunity to bring him home, the officials said. Authorities in London told Mr. McGhee to leave England or face prosecution there, the officials said.

McGhee, who had a prior rape conviction as well as other arrests, was arrested once he got off the plane at JFK. The Queens DA says they are investigatnig whether McGhee will also be charged with a hate crime (here's the press release of the charges).

Andres Duque, a friend of Garzon's, writes about new development. And in another crime follow-up, two suspects have been arrested in last October's Bronx murder of a Chinese food delivery man. The suspects, ages 15 and 20, were found after tipsters heard them bragging about the crime.