Five people ended up in the hospital with stab wounds in an early-morning brawl at a "notorious" Bay Ridge karaoke club that residents say is a regular old den of sin.

Chun Lin was arrested outside of Crown KTV Club for the stabbings, which left one man in critical condition. Lin was also booked for drug possession. The dispute allegedly broke out in the club around 3:30 a.m. and "spilled out into the street." Michael Jones, deputy CEO of the State Liquor Authority, called the charges against Lin "serious" and said the stabbings could be used as part of efforts to revoke the club's liquor license and possibly have it shut down.

It's not the first time the club has been in hot water: according to the Brooklyn Paper, state cops raided the club last August and found "underage drinking and drugs rampant," but a judge threw out most of the charges. When the club opened in 2009, neighborhood residents cried foul, claiming the club, which called itself a "family-friendly restaurant," was a front for prostitution, and raising concerns over the riff-raff being so close to P.S. 69. The club was eventually allowed to open under a strict "12-point safety plan." Calls to the club for comment were not returned.