2007_12_cstape.jpgSeparate incidents on Christmas Eve leading into Christmas Day across the city have resulted in five murders and six injuries.

Early Monday morning at 1AM, a man was fatally shot in the back outside of a Sweet 16 party in the Bronx another 17-year-old man was also injured in the shooting. In the evening, another killing occurred in the Bronx, with a man being shot in his car after pulling into a neighbor's driveway.

Around 9:45PM, two friends were shot to death while on their way to a convenience store in Brooklyn. Robert Grant and Anthony Maitland, 19 and 16 respectively, were "shot in the head in front of 121 Lefferts Place," just blocks from Grant's home. It's unclear whether there was a motive for the shooting, but one neighbor told the Sun "the victims had been robbing people in the neighborhood." Grant's only arrest had been for trespassing, while Maitland didn't have a police record; victims were unarmed.

The final homicide occurred at 10PM on Monday, when a man was fatally shot in the head in East New York. Two other shooting incidents, one outside a Brooklyn nightclub yesterday and one involving masked men in the Bronx's Co-Op City apartment complex on Monday, left a total of five people injured.