2006_11_hatecrime.JPGLast weekend, a 24 year old Pakistani immigrant was beaten up by a group of Orthodox Jewish teens. Shahid Amber had been outside a Dunkin' Donuts in Midwood when one of the teens asked him if he was Muslim. When Amber said he was, the group attacked him. Witnesses called 911 to say 10-12 men had jumped him and Amber told the Daily News, "They hit me in the face with brass knuckles four or five times while somebody held my hands. Then they all beat and kicked me. They were screaming 'Muslim m-f-r. You m-f-g Muslim terrorists. Go back to your country.'"

The Brooklyn DA's office charged five teens, Yitzi Horowitz, 15, David Brach, 15, Yossi Friedman, 17, Shulomi Bitton, 16, and Benjamin Wasserman, 16, with assault as hate crime. The Anti-Defamation League's Joel Levy said, "The man was attacked by these people who identified him as a Muslim and claimed that was the reason they attacked him and that's of tremendous concern to us because he wasn't attacked just as an individual, but as a member of the Muslim community."