Today's air travelers are barely allowed to bring colostomy bags on a plane, so we're not entirely sure why a passenger would think she can fly with five grenades in her bag. And yet, that's exactly what one Belgium-bound passenger tried to do this weekend at Newark Liberty Airport.

The TSA explosive team was called in to check out the "heavy metal grenade casings" found during baggage X-rays. They determined the explosives were inert and "never posed a threat," and the woman was allowed to continue to Belgium after surrendering the grenades. TSA officials said that the airport's operations weren't affected, and that they really weren't sure what the woman had planned for the grenades in Europe. Perhaps she enjoys a lively career as a WWII re-enactor?

The TSA used the opportunity to encourage passengers to review their baggage policy, which currently prohibits lipgloss, Christian Louboutin shoes, gun-shaped decals, and hummingbird pants.