2006_10_bxfire.jpgYesterday morning, firefighters tackled a fire at a Bronx building on East Fordham Road. The fire started around 7:30AM, and it turned into a five-alarm blaze that almost 200 firefighters responded to, for a total of 44 units at the scene; the fire was finally put out around 12:30PM.

According to the NY Times, the FDNY said the "building’s thick concrete walls and lack of side windows" made it "very stubborn." The fire seems to have started inside a first floor Foot Locker, and it reminded people of the August fire that claimed two firefighters' lives. FDNY Chief Salvatore Cassano said, "There are parallels [with the August fire] in that they are taxpayers, but this is a bigger building." Luckily, there were only three minor injuries to firefighters.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

Photograph of firefighters standing outside a Bronx Foot Locker by Stuart Ramson/AP