Five NYPD officers from Brooklyn's 81st precinct are facing departmental charges of manipulating crime stats. Among them is Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello, the former commanding officer of Bedford-Stuyvesant's 81st precinct, and one of the major figures in the stat manipulation lawsuit brought about by Officer Adrian Schoolcraft this year.

Mauriello is accused of tampering with grand larceny and stolen vehicle reports, as well as misleading investigators. Back in May, City Council members and community leaders asked NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to relieve Mauriello of duty because of his role in the stats lawsuit; on Officer Schoolcraft's secret recordings, you can hear Mauriello, who was his precinct commander in 2008 and 2009, ordering officers to make arrests with the intent of coming up with a charge later, rounding up people on low level charges such as "blocking the sidewalk" or not having identification, and holding them for hours. He was ultimately transferred from the 81st to the Bronx.

According to Roy Richter, head of the Captains Endowment Association, Mauriello "feels abandoned by the department he has faithfully served for over two decades." Among the other four officers, one sergeant is accused of failing to verify that two patrol officers filed a robbery complaint, while two patrol officers are charged with not filing the complaint in the first place; a second sergeant is expected to be charged next week. Nevertheless, the five officers only face internal charges, were not removed from duty and were expected to keep their jobs, according to officials. They will receive disciplinary recommendations from an administrative judge, and could face lesser penalties such as loss of pay or vacation days.