The two Fashion Institute of Technology students who were busted last December for coke dealing (to undercover cops, no less) were given probation for their felony cocaine possession raps. However, Mackenzie Dippenworth was unhappy with being branded a felon, saying, "It's the ugliest, most disgusting word in the entire language," adding, "I look in here, and I don't see a felon. I don't. I see a girl who made a mistake."

Judge Roger Hayes pointed out that she and friend/co-defendant Christina Scafa could be "prisoners" instead—oh, snap! Hayes also said, "Is this a life-affecting event? Yes. But does this mean your life is washed away? Far from it."

Dippenworth and Scafa were accused of buying drugs at Chelsea nightclubs and then selling them at the dorms. However, their lawyers claimed they were being set up and there were also questions of sloppy police work. Scafa's lawyer said yesterday, "My client right now is relieved to be closing this chapter of her life."