The 23-year-old FIT student found dead in her family's Queens home on Sunday night was asphyxiated and the police are investigating her death as a murder. The Post suggests that a recent Facebook message might suggest "a potential stalker": Carmen Saldana had written, "Ain't that a shame. The guy that does like me I don't like but won't leave me alone and the guy that I do like has no clue I like him lol. I think I'll survive lol."

Saldana's body was discovered by her mother, who had returned from her job cleaning homes in the Hamptons. According to the Daily News, she "found the 23-year-old brunette's body in bed covered up to her neck by a comforter, police sources said. The young woman was naked except for a sandal and a sweater wrapped around her arm. She had bruises on her knees and on the right side of her body." Her father Gilberto Saldana said, "I want justice" and said his daughter "had no problems with anyone." The News also reports that Saldana had been married at 18, but her family doesn't suspect "Cesar Quesada. 23, now a police officer in Las Vegas."

The Post also mentions another Facebook message of Saldana's: "OMG am being pimped out by my boss LOL crazy noche." But the Post adds, "It was unclear whether she was referring to job as a waitress or her internship at Complex magazine. A spokeswoman for the magazine described Saldana 'as very calm, balanced, very level headed, a great team player.'"