2006_09_stuffedgorrilla.jpgTareyton Williams, who sliced through postal worker Michael Steinberg in early July with power saws he picked up from a contractor's area on a subway platform, was found mentally fit for trial. The Daily News' article's subtext, though, is that Williams must be at least a little off, given that he was "cradling the stuffed animal like a baby" before he attacked Steinberg at the West 110th Street 1 station. In fact, a defense lawyer not affiliated with the case says that doctors who evaluate defendants generally "set the bar very low," though Williams can still use an insanity defense. But there are some things we didn't realize: Williams had a bottle of Nyquil the night before the attack and he had worked as a bouncer at a Bronx strip club, and in an apology letter to Steinberg, he invited him to visit him at "Sin City." Williams is held without bail for attempted murder; prior to the subway attack, he allegedly punched a pedestrian on the street.

And this past week, the Daily News accompanied Steinberg on his first subway ride since the attack. Steinberg is amazing - he had a punctured lung and some other pretty serious injuries (think about it - a saw cutting through you as you are about to go through the subway turnstile) and he's back on the job.