Yesterday's story about the drunk Penn State student who survived a fall into the R/W tracks - and 2 minutes of laying on the third rail - got us thinking about all the times we've had to write about some terrible incident involving people, bad decisions and train cars:
- Man pees in subway tunnel, gets hit by train, hand is amputated
- Drunk man survives A train running over him at Chambers (he survived)
- Drunk man falls into tracks and dies after touching the third rail
- Woman killed by V train when trying to retrieve her cellphone
- Drunk teenager trespasses onto tracks, gets hit by train, legs are amputated, gets $1.4 million settlement
- Woman was killed by an oncoming D train when she stuck her head out to see if a train was coming (she was looking in the opposite direction)

As for Steven Waddell, the Penn State student, he told the Post about the third rail, "It paralyzed me right away. I tried to pull away from it, but your body doesn't let you. I thought I went to hell. It felt like my body was being literally torn apart." Waddell is very lucky - lucky the third rail didn't kill him, lucky he had a friend who was able to find someone to help, lucky in so many ways.