Last night, a woman trying to park her car somehow ended jumping a curb and sending her car—which also carried her two teen daughters—through a railing, off the pier and into Sheepshead Bay. Luckily, a fisherman and some others heard their cries and jumped into the water to save them. Keith Gorman, a deckhand at the Sea Queen 7, told the Daily News, "I heard a car smash. I ran through the crowd and I realized that a car went on the sidewalk and into the water... I took my boots off and my jacket and jumped over the rail and into the water."

According to the News, "driver, Alla Yelizarov, was caught in her seatbelt, and her two daughters were scrambling out of the windows to reach the roof of the car." Gorman told the Post, "I saw two young ladies screaming for help from on top of a car that was sinking," so he jumped in. When Gorman got to Yelizarov, she was saying, "I can't swim! I can't swim!" He managed to extract her through a window.

Yeliazarov and her daughters were uninjured but taken to the hospital as a precaution. Yeliazarov's husband said, "I'm a lucky father. I want to tell those guys, 'Thank you, and God help your children.'"