Yesterday, a Sheepshead Bay fisherman was reunited with the family he saved from a sinking car. On October 10, after hearing the screams of two teen girls, Gorman jumped into the bay's cold waters to rescue their mother Alla Yelizarov, who couldn't get out of her seat belt. At the meeting, Yelizarov managed to joke, "I was just trying to park."

She had been trying to reposition her car and suddenly accelerated, telling WCBS 2, "In one minute, we're in the water already. I didn't even know we were flipping in the water! I thought we just jumped and that's it."

Rep. Anthony Weiner organized the reunion and gave Gorman a proclamation; he added, "You know, with that proclamation, you get double coupons and parking tickets fixed - anything you need with that proclamation!" As for Gorman, he said, "If I wasn't there to help my family, I would hope somebody would jump in and help my family in a situation like that."