2005_12_fultonfish-thumb.jpgThere will be a place for the fishes to sleep, as the Fulton Fish Market will finally be able to move to its new Hunts Point facility in the Bronx. The fish vendors and the company that would unload the fish (yes, these are all discrete jobs) have settled after various court entanglements. Laro had been tasked by the Giuliani administration to head all fish unloading for the market, to ensure that it wouldn't be a mob activity magnet. Therefore, when the fish made plans for a move to the Bronx without Laro, Laro complained and stalled the long awaited move for weeks. The new deal now has Laro working at the Hunts Point facility for three years, and then the market's vendors can decide if they want to keep Laro or go with a new company. And this is a big deal: NY1 reports that Laro will make millions by being the sole loading company.

The vendors are expected to move in this Saturday, November 12. Photoblogger fieldtrip?