2006_05_08_murdoch.jpg Adam Moss' New York has yet another extra-large "we're an important magazine so please write about us, pretty please" cover story this week, this time on the people that they deem to be Gotham's Influentials. And we guess we're taking the bait.

So, what exactly is an influential? We're still not really sure but it sounds like they have, y'know, lots of influence, or something. If you really want a defintion though, you should feel free to try and make sense of this explanation (not recommended).

As for the actual lists of people... You tell us. The editors over at New York seem to have designed this cover story so that it's overwhelming size (24 different catagories of inluence!) and lack of detail (the hallmark of a good listicle is that no more than a paragraph shall be devoted to most subjects - assuring that almost no information is actually passed on to the reader!) make it a simultaneously slightly interesting and incredibly boring read. That might also have to do with the nature of reading these sorts of things online, we suspect it might be less of a snooze in print.

And to be fair, we have found a few interesting things in our skimming so far, like the fun look at everything Murdoch's News Corp. owns, this list of hot neighborhoods and the people behind them not to mention this look at who's who around the ever trendy High Line.

But you probably know better then us, anything glaring stand out to you? Who do you think should be there? Just as important, who shouldn't? Use the comments, kids!