do you see? pachyderm cloud by the_idealist on Flickr

Finally, a beautiful, warm spring day! It will be on the breezy side today, but the sun will shine and the high will be around 60. Although the city has been cooler than normal for the past few days, March is on track to be slightly warmer than average.

The pleasant weather should continue through tomorrow morning before tanking in the afternoon. A spring storm is developing over the Midwest today, bringing rain where it is not wanted. Rain way ahead of that front should reach the city by tomorrow evening, if not a few hours earlier. Tomorrow's high will be near 50 degrees.

The progression of the seasons may temporarily reverse following the cold front passage on Friday. The weather is shaping up to be rainy and cold, with a high only around 40. A mix of rain and snow may visit on Friday evening. It is currently unclear whether the cold and rain will leave late Friday or linger into Saturday. By Sunday though the skies should clear and the temperature may recover to the 50-degree mark.