Did you see it? No, not the face in the satellite image. Did you see the snow? A brief flurry was witnessed in Harlem around 7:30, and a reader reports seeing flakes further downtown this morning. Measurable snow fell not too far away in Connecticut. Another round of flurries or sleet is possible early this afternoon, but the city is much more likely to see rain thanks to a backwards moving low pressure system.

The storm developed off the coast of Maine overnight and has been moving southward ever since. We are in for a windy day as that storm intensifies and gets closer. The Weather Service has posted a wind advisory through this afternoon. Look for a north wind of 20-25 mph, with gusts double that speed through early evening. Rain, possibly mixed with a bit of snow, is likely as well. The temperature will stay in the 40s today. The chance of rain and the intensity of wind will die down overnight as the storm gets with the program and starts heading eastward.

As the storm recedes it will be followed by warmer weather. Tomorrow's high will probably reach the mid 50s under cloudy skies. The clouds should be gone by midweek. It looks as if there will be plenty of sun from Wednesday through the weekend. Despite a few chilly nights, highs each day should be in the mid to upper 50s.