With power starting to turn back on in Lower Manhattan, free bus and subway rides ending at midnight, and many (though certainly not even close to all) New Yorkers trying to return to normal, it is the little things that suddenly matter so much. Who knew we'd be happy to hear that that Whole Paycheck had reopened? Or to see lines outside an Apple Store? To that end, we'd like to present you with what we believe may be the first YouTube video of somebody getting into a subway fight in our new post-Hurricane Sandy world.

Now it doesn't have the je ne sais quoi of a spaghetti fight but New Yorkers are just getting back into the swing of things! This baby still has many of the staples of a good old fashioned modern subway video (non-perv variety): A cameraman who can't turn their phone over, a lady yelling on and on, a smidge of political activism (on a GIANT sign no less) and a slew of laughing and bemused straphangers. Sigh! Subway system—never leave us again!