New York YIMBY has published renderings of the new residential tower planned for 125 Greenwich Street, rising to a ridiculous 1,356 feet tall and becoming the largest residential tower in all of Lower Manhattan.

The new tower will be just 12-feet shy of the roof of the World Trade Center, while also falling just 23-feet short of 432 Park Avenue, the monolithic tower now rising in midtown. The site, which was purchased by Michael Shvo last week, has no height restrictions—an attractive feature for developers who want to build really, really huge condos. None of that 25-story Brooklyn waterfront garbage. Ha! They laugh at that.

Shvo's tower will rise to 77 floors, which considering its height, isn't that many. Why not more floors you ask? Because this condo tower will have some truly insane ceilings; some apartments will be as high as 24 feet, all the better for minimalist art, private IMAX screening rooms, or your slamball court.

Behold my sweet view of the harbor, brah! I'M KING OF THE WORLD!

Three floors in the tower will be devoted to "maid's rooms," while the lower floors will become a mix of retail space and amenities for the building's many actual residents. The incorporeal residents, those oligarchs who will buy apartments in the tower without any intention of actually living there, will be missing out on the outstanding view of the harbor pictured above. It's a shame they never visit their 24-foot high walls, which were honestly just made for a Dan Flavin installation, but speculators can't be choosers.