432 Park Avenue stands 96 stories tall above the bedrock of Manhattan, glistering like an excalibur of inequality as it waits to be plucked up by some billionaire king's giant butler. Some of the tenants who come to live in its 104 residential units may even be royalty, and now we humble subjects are getting a look at the inside of their palatial digs. They're photos, but please don't breathe on them.

New images of the condo building's amenities were made public this morning and show what life will be like inside the Western Hemisphere's tallest residential tower. For starters, there's the exclusive restaurant and lobby, which takes up the building's entire 12th floor and includes a 5,000 square foot terrace. According to TheRealDeal, diners will be able to gaze up at 55,700 individual pieces of crystal.

But if you're still holding out for more, rest assured the restaurant at 432 Park will be lit by 339 bright hand-blown glass globes that are not at all metaphors for our sad scorched Earth.

Up on the 14th floor a gargantuan fitness center, yoga studio, billiards room, library, board room, and screening room will make it possible for residents to play Clue IRL, and the 16th floor will house a jacuzzi and 75-foot pool. My lack of a Maybach and Bain portfolio means I will never get to enjoy this pool, even though I refrain from horseplay and swim a perfect front crawl.

The Mega Money Temple will also sport climate-controlled wine cellars, office suites for private businesses that are definitely not predatory lenders and valet parking. If you actually have this kind of obscene wealth and might someday hope to live this way, go ahead and gaze at the profoundly lifeless photos above. Just don't think you'll be safe when the storm comes.