First Lady Michelle Obama is in New York City today. She spoke at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations this afternoon, where she drew a small crowd. According to Newsday, "Dozens of star-struck workers waved, called and snapped pictures with their cell phones." Before her visit, some protesters (drawing attention to the troubles in Darfur) were outside while the Secret Service and other authorities checked the premises (it took a golden retriever bomb-sniffing dog about 30 minutes to check the property). And for the fashionistas, looks like she's wearing the Tracy Feith dress she wore the day after the Inauguration.

Tonight, the First Lady will be attending the Time 100 bash (that's what all the security around the Time Warner Cetner is for!). Both she and President Obama were named on the list—his profile was written by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown while hers was by Oprah Winfrey. It's unclear whether Mexican food will be served—the First Lady loves it and it's Cinco de Mayo, after all.