Argh! Why doesn't the Internet want to share things today? We've got an oddly dirty (but SFW) video of a dog on a lap that's burning a hole in our pockets! First Gchat goes poof and then, just as the popular chatting service starts to come back, Twitter goes and does one of its semi-regular total outages. We haven't been able to tweet for like twenty minutes, and of course the nightmarish suffocating horror of it all is that we can't complain about it on Twitter. Thankfully, our Moveable Type publishing platform is still going strong. (Fingers crossed.)

Still, no matter how much we may be missing our tweets there is no way we're going to slide over to Google+. Not gonna happen. Anyway, According to Twitter: "Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue."

Protip! Mobile Twitter seems to still be up. But we're now focused on what is going to go down next? Pinterest?