soggy_ianqui.jpgThe autumnal equinox happened around 5:51 yesterday morning. There were equal parts day and night everywhere on earth. Were the buildings not in the way, you could have witnessed yesterday's sunrise and sunset both occurring down the middle of Stuyvesant Street, the only street in Manhattan where that phenomenon can happen on the same day. Although today is the first full day of fall, continued summer warmth will be the norm for the next few days. They would be excellent days to go fall leaf peeping if there were colorful leaves at which to peep.

Once again a big high pressure system is in charge of the scene. We are still on the cooler, drier side of the system. Even so, today's high will be around 79 degrees, which is seven degrees above normal. It looks to be warmer tomorrow and Wednesday, expect highs to be just shy of 85, which is, well, we'll leave the math to you.

The latter part of the week will see a slow transition to cooler weather. A chance of rain starts to creep into the picture Wednesday night. A few showers, and possibly a thunderstorm or two, are expected on Thursday, but it should remain warm. The timing is still up in the air (no pun intended, ha!) but it looks like a cold front will arrive late Thursday night. Depending on the front's timing, showers may linger into Friday. After the front temperatures will return to seasonable highs in the lower 70s.

Meanwhile, way out east of here, Tropical Depression Jerry has formed. Jerry may not last the day and his remains are expected to head toward Greenland. At least three more disturbances in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico currently have potential to become tropical cyclones.

Soggy capturing people caught in Saturday's rain shower that was not predicted by Gothamist or anybody else for that matter, by Ianqui on Flickr.