Gothamist learns something new everyday! In today's NY Times profile of City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Gifford Miller, not only did we find out his first name is Alan, it turns out that Miller is also the one who worked on the "investigation into vastly understated calorie counts in some of the city's best-selling frozen yogurt brands" a few years ago! Oh, to be living in those simple days again.

The Times also says that the Democrats are trying not to attack frontrunner Fernando Ferrer, lest it backfire, and that Congressman Anthony Weiner's criticism of Ferrer doesn't really hurt Weiner, as he's pretty much in last place and doesn't have Miller's kind of funds. But let's see how nice they play tonight, as it's the first official Democratic Mayoral debate. The debate airs at 7PM on NY1 and on WNYC.

As far as we know, Tasti-D-Lite is 99% fat-free. And here's the script of the Non-Fat Yogurt Seinfeld episode.