The NYC mayoral primary is just over a week away, and last night Mayor de Blasio defended his probably untouchable lead for the Democratic nomination with his first 2017 campaign ad, which lauds his universal Pre-K plan. Behold:

Like the campaign ads from the halcyon days of the 2013 mayoral campaign, this video prominently features de Blasio's family, with some bonus vintage shots of a bearded young Blaz. Of course, it might not have quite the same impact as his first TV ad for that run. That ad, which starred son Dante de Blasio, was so popular it ended up serving as the catalyst for de Blasio's rise in the polls—before it ran, then-City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was favored to win. Then along came de Blasio's family and Dante's superb hair.

Ah, the memories.

Of course, now de Blasio has to actually defend his first term as mayor, first against his Democratic primary challengers, the most prominent of whom is former City Councilmember and repeat runner Sal Albanese. At a mayoral debate last month, Albanese forced de Blasio to defend himself against issues with policing, housing, transparency and pay-for-play allegations. "I think we need a higher standard than the mayor not being indicted," Albanese said, referencing a now-closed investigation into the mayor's fundraising.

Albanese is short on funds, he says, so he's launched three ads online, including on his website, and hopes to raise enough money for TV ads before the primary.

Republican opponent Nicole Malliotakis hasn't released an ad yet, though the Times reports she'll have one along shortly. Independent challenger Bo Dietl started rolling out television commercials—including one starring Ronald Reagan—in June.

The mayor's ad campaign cost $2 million, per the Times; he still has $4.9 million left in campaign funds.

The primary is on Tuesday, September 12th. There will be one last Democratic primary debate between de Blasio and Albanese on Wednesday night.