min temps from AccuWeatherHere are some record low temperatures for November 10th:

Newark.........29 (1995)
Bridgeport.....24 (1956)
Central Park...27 (1914)
Laguardia......31 (1956)
Kennedy........29 (2003,1973)
Islip..........24 (2003)

Accuweather (from whom we got the image) and the Weather Service is predicting we will break those records tonight. The culprit is a big high pressure system. High pressure systems have very light winds and gently subsiding air. The subsiding air prevents clouds from forming. Without clouds acting as insulation, the ground rapidly loses heat to space. Without a breeze cold air and warm air doesn't mix –the cold air stays close to the ground. In short, conditions are ideal for a cold, dry night. Gothamist thinks that as long as it's going to be cold, it might as well be a record cold, right?