Not only did Staten Island get NYC's first reported West Nile-infected mosquito of the year—it also got the city's first human case of the virus for the season, according to the Department of Health. So who was the lucky homo sapien? Apparently it was a Staten Island man over the age of 50.

On the plus side the victim, who was hospitalized with viral meningitis, was treated and has since been released from the hospital. Still, as Health Commissioner Thomas Farley points out, "This first human case of West Nile virus this season provides a vital reminder to protect ourselves against mosquito bites. Eliminating standing water from your property will help prevent mosquitos from multiplying. Wearing mosquito repellent when you are outdoors, and long sleeves and pants in the morning and evening will reduce your risk of infection. New Yorkers age 50 and older should be especially careful as they are more likely to become seriously ill, and in rare instances die, if infected."

Since it was first detected in the U.S., 252 New Yorkers have been diagnosed with West Nile Virus. Symptoms include neck stiffness, disorientation, coma, paralysis, and all sorts of terrible things.