2008_05_firegirl.jpgThe Uniformed Firefighters Association is sounding the alarm over "integrity" tests from the city's Department of Investigation. And the firefighters believe some of the tests include a man leaving a bag of what looked like cocaine and a woman giving cash to firefighters to thank them for freeing her car.

The Department of Investigation denies being involved in three of the four incidents the Post mentions (only one sounds like one the DOI conducted years ago). Some of the incidents sound like something out of a movie--from the Post:

Firefighters in Queens answered a knock on their door to find two young women requesting help with their RV, sources said.

The girls reportedly told firefighters they had dropped the keys to the vehicle down a sink in the rig, and needed help fishing them out.

When firefighters climbed aboard, according to sources, there were more young women waiting for them - and lots of beer.

The firefighters did resist the young women's overtures, causing one source to say, "What was being tested - their testosterone? It's like something out of a Bud Light commercial."

Other firefighters suspect that the "FDNY's own integrity bureau" might have staged the incidents. All believe the scrutiny comes after reported thefts from apartments damaged in the Midtown crane collapse, and there is overall concern with firefighter conduct.