2005_03_stpattyhat.jpgThe FDNY is restricting St. Patrick's Day revelry for its firefighters in a couple of ways. The firefighters won't be able to wear green berets, march with dogs or pet, paint their faces, or walk with civilians. The FDNY says they are "trying to have firefighters look sharp, a little more disciplined, a bit more like a paramilitary outfit." This is probably a move to improve the FDNY's image, after revelations and allegations of excessive drinking, orgies, drug use, and fighting at stationhouses. The firefighters' union isn't arguing, but one firefighter told Newsday he wouldn't be marching, because now the parade was "for the bosses."

The St. Patrick's Day Parade begins at 11AM tomorrow. It starts at Fifth Avenue and 44th Street and goes north, up to 86th Street; you'll be able to see mayoral hopefuls wearing green ties and outfits, kissing babies and pressing flesh. More information here. Be prepared to smell beer and beer vomit for two days. And are you celebrating in any way?