Firefighter Pat Quagliariello, who owns the BMW SUV that may have been involved in Sunday morning's fatal hit-and-run, has been placed on administrative duty while investigators determine whether or not he was behind the wheel. Manuel Tzajguachiac, 25, was struck and killed early Sunday morning on the corner of 65th Street and 20th Avenue in Bensonhurst, and four hours later Quagliariello showed up at the 62nd Precinct. He admitted to owning the car but would not say whether he was driving, and reportedly asked for a lawyer (or said he was already represented).

Quagliariello was released without further questioning or being administered a Breathalyzer test, and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says there is "not sufficient evidence to make an arrest." An FDNY spokesman told the Daily News Quagliariello "has been relieved of his assignment at Ladder 172 and placed on administrative assignment" for the duration of the investigation. Quagliariello has been a firefighter since 2004, and is the younger brother of NYPD detective Anthony Quagliareillo.

Kelly said forensic tests are being done on the car to determine if it was indeed involved in the accident and to see who was driving it. The Times also reports that Quagliariello's certification as an emergency technician was suspended for a year in 2005 for a criminal conviction and fraud and deceit in procuring the certification.