The New York Post has alerted us

to the grave misdeeds of firefighter Joseph Aviles of the Bronx, who tweeted a photo of his bare chest last week. "It's just phenomenally foolish," an anonymous "retired FDNY member" told the family values pamphlet. Has this retired smokeater used a calendar recently?

"I’m sure a lot of people are tweeting inappropriate things. What did he do wrong?" FDNY spokesman Frank Gribbon rightfully asks. Aviles' tweet was deleted, but the 28-year-old's photo remains in a wicker basket next to your aunt's bathroom, as he was Mr. October in 2011.

"Men do stupid things," photographer Katherine Kostreva, who shot Aviles and other firefighters and who was recused by FDNY personnel after a car accident. "Sticking your hands down your pants and saving a life are two different things. It doesn't mean he's any less qualified to run in to burning buildings." Amen.