2007_08_corbetis.jpgJust five days after the Deutsche Bank building fire, two firefighters investigating the site at 130 Liberty Street were injured when a 300-pound piece of construction equipment fell from the 23rd floor. It turned out that a construction worker had lost control of a forklift; luckily a work shed broke the object's fall.

The two firefighters suffered head injuries, but while Ned Nally was discharged after one day, William Corbetis was only discharged yesterday after a nine day stay. Corbetis' helmet had been shattered and underwent a number of surgeries, including the removal of his spleen, plus had 100 staples put in his head. He said that the good wishes and cheers of his fellow firefighters was making his recovery easier.

And the Daily News columnist Michael Daly says that new FDNY tests show that veteran firefighter Robert Beddia, who died during the Deutsche Bank fire, had 5 minutes of oxygen left in his tank. Some sources think he may have been trying to save fellow firefighter Joseph Graffagnino.