2006_08_fdpd.jpgWell, this isn't going to do anything to rehab the image of firefighters: Sean Murray, who works at Ladder 140 in Queens, attacked an off-duty police officer who drove Murray's ex-girlfriend home. A witness saw Murray attack Ahmad Kessba and told the Daily News, "He just kept on stomping and stomping on his face. The man on the ground looked dead." Yikes. Murray's ex, Jennifer Ray, had broken up with him because he was jealous and had followed her on a trip to Virginia - and the attack happened around 4:30AM, when Kessba and Ray pulled up with Murray waiting outside Ray's house. Apparently Kessba tried to tell Murray he was a cop, but then:

Murray...demanded to see Kessba's police shield. But before the cop could respond, Murray stripped off his own shirt and set upon Kessba. The firefighter choked the cop and pounded his head on the pavement "six to eight times," as Ray screa-med, authorities said. With Kessba unconscious, Murray allegedly tried to get at Ray, who had locked herself in the cop's Infiniti sedan. She called 911 on her cell phone.

Rather than flee, Murray, still raging, returned to Kessba's motionless body, choked him and stomped him again at least six more times, authorities said.

Murray's bail was set at $250,000. Murray's lawyer claims that Kessba was interfering in Murray and Ray's argument and Murray told reporters he was punched in the face. Kessba, though, suffered a brain hemmorhage, which is just crazy.

Oh, and Ray and Murray met when Murray was investigating a gas leak.