A firefighter was very unhappy with his ejection from a popular Staten Island nightspot after allegedly starting a fight, and it seems his rage was only inflamed further when cops showed up, because he was arrested for resisting arrest and kicking one of the officers.

Richard Acevedo, 33, who works at Engine 151 in Tottenville, was reportedly drinking at the Above Rooftop club at the Hilton Garden Inn when, the Staten Island Advance reports, he "was asked to leave...after getting involved in a fight at the location and hitting one of the security guards, a source with knowledge of the investigation said." Police were on the scene at 2:30 a.m., but then Acevedo "allegedly assumed a combative stance toward one of the officers, raising and flailing his arms, and resisting arrest." A police source said Acevedo kicked one of the cops in the leg.

According to the Post's source, the bouncer "wasn’t seriously hurt and declined to press charges... but the cop went to the hospital for a laceration and bruising."

The FDNY told the Advance, "The arrest paperwork is being shared and reviewed. Firefighter faces suspension without pay." And the Hilton said, "We have zero tolerance for any behavior that's not in accordance with property policy."

One Yelp reviewer had this to say: "Surprised the crap out of me! This place is beautiful! They definitely put in work to give this a very West Coast Hotel Rooftop feel! You'd swear you were in Vegas if the people werent so obviously from Staten Island & NJ," while another warned, "Dont go there if you are a guy that doesnt know the bouncers. They will walk past you and take every other girl in and let any guy in that they are friends with and leave you standing there like a fool. Over price...snobby attitudes... Either go to the city for a real lounge or hit up a casual bar in staten island for a better time."