Hey, if the State Inspector General said that you're "ill-suited," "immature," and "irresponsible" while working for the governor, you'd think your chances for another state job are screwed. Lucky for Khari Edwards—who was fired and blasted for his improper conduct with the State Liquor Authority in this mess—Albany is like bizarro world! The State Senate Democrats have hired him to a $75,204/year job as special assistant to Democratic conference leader John Sampson, in spite of the Inspector General's assessment from the SLA probe, "The Inspector General finds that Edwards is ill-suited to serve as a representative of the Governor's office, and recommends that his employment be terminated," pointing out that he lied under oath and "devoid of any appreciation of the seriousness of the Inspector General's proceedings." This new $75K gig also pays $5,000 more than his old one in the governor's office—it's so win-win! Sampson's spokeswoman told the Times Union, "Khari Edwards was hired on the merits. He has learned from experience, and will make the most of the opportunity to again serve the people of New York."