A kidnapping drama unfolded on Long Island earlier this weekend when Gloria Suarez, a housekeeper, who was so upset with being fired that kidnapped the baby of her employer. Suarez was fired on Monday by Rabbi Yitzchok Hayempour, and then, on Wednesday, allegedly tried to take his five-month-old daughter, Esther, and go to Uruguay. When police caught up with her, she said the Hayempours, who have 11 children, have "so many children that they just don't have time for [the baby]."

According to cops, Havempour told Suarez that she could stay at his place through Wednesday, because Suarez said that she couldn't get into her apartment until then. It was during this time that the housekeeper cooked up her scheme. She bought baby clothes, diapers and apple juice and then, on Wednesday morning, asked to spend some time with Esther. Suarez took this opportunity to change the girl out of her pink outfit and into a blue one (the perfect disguise!) and left the house with her in her arms.

Tammy Hayempour, the Rabbi's wife, said she didn't expect a thing when she noticed that Esther was missing. "She [Suarez] was such a kind person, I didn't think she'd do anything malicious. I was sure she was in a park somewhere," said Mrs. Havempour.

However, Rabbi Hayempour saw Suarez on his way back to the house and asked where she was going. Suarez said she was going to the store, but when the Rabbi arrived home, they realized something was wrong.

The authorities eventually tracked Suarez down at a LIRR station. Suarez then fought the cops, because hell, why not? When she finally gave Esther back, she said, "I know that they say the baby is theirs, but I know that the baby should belong to me." Suarez is being held without bail on charges including kidnapping, child endangerment and resisting arrest.