Rick Lazio, Republican candidate for governor who is trailing in the polls and low on campaign cash, has been extremely vocal in his opposition to the Park 51 community center and mosque planned two blocks from the World Trade Center site. In fact, he recently released a nearly two-minute video (see below) offering anti-mosque opinions from people filmed downtown. But his use of images from the attack-ravaged Ground Zero has pissed off the Uniformed Fire Officers Association and Sergeants Benevolent Association.

According to the Daily Politics, the UFOA issued a letter to Lazio's campaign, "We have always been opposed to the use of images from the attack on the World Trade Center in political advertising. Virtually every candidate for public office has honored that sentiment to date. So it was with a mix of surprise and disappointment to see your new video that seeks to capture the attention of the viewer with graphic images of Ground Zero that day." And the SBA's Ed Mullins wrote, "I believe his actions are as irresponsible as they are reprehensible, and would hope that he do the right thing and apologize for using this footage to promote his campaign."

Lazio said yesterday that fundraising for the mosque should be investigated (though the developer says it hasn't started yet). Which reminds us of the Village Voice's cover story this week—Lazio's JP Morgan work and how he got $900 million in retirees' funds to divert into subprime ricks.