2006_1_fireking1.jpgWe heard the fire trucks honk, squawk and blare, but we didn't realize what was going on until Alan of Thousand Robots sent us a dramatic photograph of a fire from what looks like Sixth Avenue and Spring/Charlton/King/Prince vicinity. And now we hear helicopters! Does anyone know what's going on?

[UPDATE]: Jake went up to the scene and reports that the fire was at 24 and 26 King Street; the fire is mostly put out and seems to be at the back of the building, plus there are two ladder companies on the scene. Also, Sixth Avenue is totally backed up.

[UPDATE2]: Fire is out-- it was in the third or forth story at the back of the building, and all the windows of that apartment are blown out and black with soot. Most of the other windows on the back of the buildings are also blown out. Here's another link to what the smoke looked like an hour ago: Minaka on Flickr. More pix of the building:


[UPDATE]: Now it's turns out that comedian Demetri Martin lives at that apartment building! Demetri, if you need a place to crash, Gothamist knows a few people who would be more than happy if you played houseguest.

And in Turtle Bay, workers on a renovation project in a townhome were injured when the first floor collapsed into the basement.

Photograph from thousand robots