Ooh - the NY Times reports that the fire marshals brought in a golden retriever to investigate the Greenpoint Terminal Market's charred remains to see if there were any accelerants used. Apparently Bucca, named after a firefighter lost on September 11, sits when he smells accelerants, but the FDNY did not reveal whether Bucca was doing any sitting. And yesterday, the Daily News reported that site owner Joshua Guttman is already selling various pieces of the remains. For instance, beams are being sold for $1,500 and bricks are also being carted out for 15 cents per lot of ten. The News also says that Guttman yelled at a photographer, "You and the media are making me out to be guilty." Well, not just the media - all the Brooklyn residents who have had run-ins with him, too.

Gothamist on the fire.

Stitched panorama of Greenpoint Terminal Market remains from the Gothamist LLC flickr stream