A fire at the Flea Market Cafe yesterday afternoon has been deemed "incendiary" by a police spokesman, although the incident is still under investigation. According to the Local East Village, an employee at nearby Nino's Pizzeria was telling a reporter that he saw the owner of the restaurant "trying to put out a stack of burning napkins" shortly before the fire escalated, but his recounting of what he saw was "abruptly cut off by a woman who he said was the wife of the owner." Authorities were reportedly concentrating on three containers containing "flammable liquids."

The cafe, located on Avenue A and St. Marks, went up in flames around 1:20 p.m., as the superintendent of the building noticed broken glass and flames licking out of the restaurant. DNAinfo reports that he called 911 before grabbing a fire extinguisher from a nearby sushi joint and fought the fire until the FDNY arrived.