2008_05_jwwt.jpgPolice explained how they arrested 22-year-old Jamal Winter in the murder of a Windsor Terrace dry cleaner. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters:

"Investigators found his fingerprint in the store. They went to question him, he wasn't home. They observed the car, the woman's car, the victim's car, parked in the neighborhood. He had changed the plate. So they waited for him and when he approached the car, they spoke to him, talked to him. He made some admissions and he's been charged with the murder."

Kyung-Sook Woo was found dead in her store by a neighbor on Friday morning. Apparently a witness saw Winter in the store around Thursday's closing time--he told the witness the store was closed and that Woo was gone.

The Daily News also reveals Winter was on parole after serving five years for a Dutchess County robbery when "he put a gun to the head of an auto repair shop owner on 16th St. in Park Slope on May 18, 2007." Even though he violated his parole and though a grand jury indicted him, he wasn't convicted and was allowed to stay on the streets. An Office of Court Administration spokesman said, "At that point it's up to parole to violate him. They apparently never did that."