Accelerating his bid to be the next governor of New York, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer tackles another important-to-constituents issue - besides nailing white collar criminals - prescription drugs. The Attorney General's Office has developed a website to let NYers find the best deals of 25 prescription drugs. The site is AG Rx, and Gothamist did a couple searches to see how much we could save. We've included the lowest and highest prices, as well as an example somewhere in the middle.

For your Ritalin, 5mg (90 pill dosage), prices are:
$45.36 (lowest price) at N&B Pharmacy in Kew Gardens, Queens
$56.59 at the Bleecker Street CVS
$81.69 (highest price) at Duane Reades on the Upper East Side, Flushing, and off New York Avenue in Brooklyn

Zoloft, 50mg (30 dosage)
$73.77 at Costco in Brooklyn
$96.59 at CVS in Harlem, Village, and Brooklyn
$105.29 at Avenue A Pharmacy, East Village

Ambien, 10mg (30 dosage)
$81.00 at N&B Pharmacy in Kew Gardens
$101.99 at two Rite Aid locations in Brooklyn and Upper Manhattan
$116.59 at Pathmark in the Bronx

Basically, it's cheap in Queens (but a pain to get the drugs, if you don't live there), expensive at Duane Reade (unsurprising, given the pained expressions of people paying for their pick-ups at the pharmacy - "What? My insurance won't cover it?"), and if you're getting your drugs from Avenue A Pharmacy, Gothamist hopes you're got a great insurance plan. Anyway, thanks, Attorney General Spitzer. Now, if you can do this for alcoholic beverages, we totally buy your platform. Chicagoist looks at the Illinois state plan to let resident buy prescription drugs from overseas, including a website whose clip art takes disease illustration to the next level. And Gothamist on ordering prescription drugs online.