Sex clubs have long happily co-existed with other businesses, bars and event spaces all over the city—but once in a while, someone steps on someone's dildo, and all hell breaks loose. That has apparently happened down at 27 Cliff Street in the Financial District, where building tenants went to the Post to complain about the neighborhood sex club. "You see these people coming up. The bouncer looks like he’s from a strip club," one "disgusted" worker told them. "This is an office building. We saw them move eight mattresses up there! That was horrendous."

The sex club whose mattresses have inspired revulsion is The Amsterdam Club, an upscale swingers establishment that describes itself as "one part Ebiza style night club and one part playboy mansion." Here's how they market themselves and their space:

Come relax in our spacious Lower Manhattan Loft space that boasts 4,500 sqft of comfort, style and sexiness. Take part in our regularly themed swinger events where you can meet and have fun with other like minded people. Our members and guests include upscale party people who are all about the NYC swing club scene. Including many models and celebrities, especially in the adult industry.

Seems like a nice adult time, doesn't it? Not to some of the grumpy tenants of the building. They sicced the cops on the club, which was raided on September 19th; however, all they received was a summons for selling liquor without a license. There's no mention of whether it was also offering a buffet.

What's so bad about the club? Well for starters, IT SMELLS LIKE CIGARETTES. "We come in the morning, and you can smell cigarette smoke in the halls. We found drugs in the lobby. There’s condoms in the trash in the back. It’s horrifying," said one anonymous tenant. "We’re worried about our reputation as a business. We want it out of here."

Sullying other people's businesses with cigarette smoke and discarded condoms isn't the only problem—there's also the noise. "It’s infuriating and embarrassing for me, because I have our team and our employees in these conditions," said the "head of a company" that rents space in the building. "It’s horrible in every sense. We’ve had meetings and we’ve heard things."

What kinds of things might that be?

"You can hear them singing. You can sometimes hear sounds that are not sounds you want to be hearing in the office...They often will do sexy karaoke, so you can hear that quite clearly through the wall."

If television has taught us anything, it's that sexy karaoke does not belong anywhere near the office.