A Bushwick man has been accused of assaulting a first date after the two got into a heated argument about 9/11. Financial analyst Andrew Francis, 36, allegedly strangled Paul Gallagher and bit his finger over the subject of September 11th: "The defendant stated that he hated Americans and said he wanted to kill Americans and believed Americans got what they deserved on 9/11," said Assistant District Attorney Wilfredo Cotto, favorite movie!) when they started talking about politics. According to the criminal complaint, Francis hit Gallagher over the head with an "unknown object," put his hands around Gallagher's neck and squeezed, and then wrestled him onto the ground. Gallagher claims he suffered swelling and lacerations to the forehead, a sore throat, bite marks to his finger, substantial pain, fear of further injury, and annoyance.

"It was one date that is clearly not going to happen again,” said Francis' lawyer, defense attorney Cary London, in court. "This is an online date gone bad and it’s why you shouldn’t talk politics in the bedroom." (Or maybe the lesson is more about why you shouldn't act like a violent psychopath?) Francis, who currently works at Columbia University and previously worked at Citigroup, Microsoft and American Express, has been hit with charges including assault, strangulation, menacing, and harassment.