The mystery of the Staten Island Ninja Burglar—an elusive criminal suspected in a string of break-ins in wealthy parts of the borough who once reportedly escaped a homeowner who stabbed him—has spawned police investigations, theories and even a Wikipedia page. Now the Staten Island District Attorney is holding an afternoon press conference to announce a suspect has finally been arrested. And now it appears that he's less ninja, more career criminal.

Robert H. Costanzo, 46, pleaded guilty to a vicious armed burglary in Connecticut and was then turned over to NYC police. The Hartford Courant reports, "Costanzo admitted that [in 2014] he roused a 66-year-old woman from bed while her husband slept and ordered her at knifepoint to open a safe from which he stole $75,000 worth of jewelry. When the woman initially refused Constanzo's order, he struck her."

Also: "A source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed for the Courant that Costanzo was the 'Ninja Burglar' suspect who has been implicated in more than 100 burglaries in the tri-state area."

Costanzo is also a convicted rapist who is on the New York sex-offender registry. He was convicted of rape in New York in 1992 and also admitted to raping four women in Florida in the early 1990s. According to the Orlando Sentinel, "All the women were home alone in the early morning hours when a burglar raped them at knifepoint, records state."

The Ninja Burglar's crime spree started in May 2007 and ended around January 2008. In one incident, a homeowner fought off the nunchuks-wielding intruder. In another, a homeowner ran into the burglar, who was dressed in all black, and started screaming, "The Ninja is here! The Ninja! The Ninja!"; she later told the Staten Island Advance, "I knew it was the Ninja Burglar from reading the Advance and not my husband playing some trick."

In April 2008, the police closed the book on the case, deporting an Albanian man who was believed to be connected to the burglaries.