Neighbors sick and tired of the protestors down at Occupy Wall Street now have a number to call that isn't 311. At the urging of City Councilwoman Margaret Chin, whose district includes Zuccotti Park, the month-old protest has created a dedicated, 24-hour hotline where residents can voice their concerns. There is also an e-mail address and a number for small businesses. How long until these numbers get abused?

The number to call if you're a resident is 917-524-7311, while the e-mail address is Both will get you in touch with an OWS community affairs representative. Local small businesses can call 917-524-6845 to express their (bathroom exploitation?) concerns directly to an OWS rep.

Still, Chin's office tells us that folks should still call the city's existing hotline, 311, so that such complaints go onto the city's books too. Further, CB1 and OWS are going to hold a meeting this evening at 6 p.m. to "discuss unresolved quality-of-life and security issues" if that is your sort of thing. The meeting will be at 250 Broadway, 19th floor.