A cold front passed through the region last night and slowly tagging along behind it is some drier air. The dew point temperature has dropped by ten degrees, making venturing outside a whole lot more bearable. The dry air means sun mixed with clouds and a slight chance of late-afternoon showers as the sunlight heats things up to the mid 80s.

The high pressure building in behind the front will bring a very pleasant night followed by a sunny Tuesday. Tomorrow's high will again be in the mid 80s. Humidity begins to return on Wednesday as the high pressure system slides eastward and the wind starts coming out of the south. The mercury will make another run toward 90 degrees on Wednesday. Assuming those temperature forecasts hold, Wednesday will be the thirteenth straight above normal day in the city, a feat not accomplished since January and February of 2008!

A more significant cold front looks like it will arrive Wednesday night accompanied by a few showers. The end of the week is currently shaping up to be sunny and mild with highs around 80 at best.