What in the world have the chosen people been doing to their babies on holy days for the past 5000+ years? Well, no matter now—the era of the non-Kosher diaper is finally over thanks to "Premium Kosher Diapers with Velcro Enclosures Only!" Because it is so true, "The use of pampers on Shabbos and Yom Tov has always been a cause of grave concern for חשש [fear*] of מלאכת שבת [Saturday work*] when opening and closing the adhesive tapes."

Anyway, yeah. If you've been worried that opening and closing adhesive tapes was an affront to God, worry no more. According to KosherDiapers.com their product's Velcro fasteners have "no חשש, whatsoever - not when opening and not when closing the strips." Thank goodness! See, and this was news to us (bad Jews that some of us are), the gist of the issue is that the adhesive in most diapers use glue, which is "similar in effect to sewing" which is prohibited on Shabbos. Velcro, however, is okay because "diapers with velcro tabs are permitted because velcro achieves its stickiness by hooking, not by gluing." And now you know!

Still, just to be on the safe side, we've e-mailed KosherDiapers to find out if they've got any rabbis to talk with us about their Kosher claims.

*Translation via Google Translate