Sure, the economy is hurting so a job's a job... but will any public relations firms agree to take on Moammer Gadhafi and the Libyan government as a client? The NY Post reports, "The Libyan looking to hire a New York public-relations rep to scrub his homicidal image, asking for help to counter the fallout of a civil war that threatens to topple his brutal regime." Some of the duties would include "head[ing] daily press briefings and spread[ing] the good word on the tyrant's 'moral' and 'legal' claims to power -- all while rebel forces battle to end Khadafy's 42 years of terror." Wow, we can see the Happy Friday email pitches now!

A government official in Tripoli, Ali Darwish, contacted PR agencies in New York and London, asking for someone to "present our just and fair case to the world... We have good moral, political and legal logic supporting our position as the legitimate, sovereign and popular government of Libya. We also have proofs [sic] in written, audio and video forms to take our case forward... Libya has been under an unjustified media and p.r. attack which led to NATO's military involvement." Gadhafi's own personal efforts in getting his country's message out has included calling the allies the "new Nazis" and "crazed fascists" and deeming protesters "cockroaches."

Public relations firm owner Ronn Torossian tells the Post, "I highly doubt any p.r. firm will positively respond to this request." Yeah, trying to explain why the Lockerbie bomber is free and still kicking is kind of a pain to deal with.